Control stepper motor with mobile using RaspberryPi and EasyDriver

Control the stepper motor using EasyDriver with RaspberryPi and mobile phones (iPhone/Android). we’re using node server with the library to communicate with mobile devices. we’re using Python code to control motor.


[RaspberryPi Code]

[Android Code]

[iOS Code]

Shopping List

AmountPart TypeProperties
1Stepper Motorphase 2
1EasyDriver_v4.4 version 4.4
2220Ω Resistorresistance 220Ω
1Raspberry Pi 3revision RPI-3-Model B
1Battery block 9Vvoltage 9V


Step 1: Intro & Connections

Step 2: Setup RaspberryPi

Step 3: Setup iOS/Android

Step 4: Final Output