How to Make Mobile Controlled Car | Raspberry Pi | Live Camera Preview

In this video we will see how to make Car using raspberry pi and can be controlled with mobile.

We will use raspberry pi to control the car movement and live camera preview.
Mobile controls the car over wifi.
In this tutorial you will learn following topics:

  • How to control car using mobile.
  • Write Python program to interact with stepper motors which will move the car forward, backward.
  • How to use stepper motor drivers to move the stepper motors.
  • How to show live video of camera on Mobile.

We have written python program to control the motors and it is controlled by phone app by sending the data from phone to raspberry pi over wifi network.


[RaspberryPi Code]

[Android Code]

[iOS Code]




Detailed 4 videos tutorial


1. Connections
2. SSH to raspberry pi.(you can use this command `ssh pi@raspberrypi.local`)
3. Copy and extract `` to rpi /home/pi/
4. Copy and extract `` to rpi /home/pi/
5. Run `./` to start listening to motor events
6. Open another Terminal and do step 2.
7. Go to `/home/pi/` and install `mjpg-streamer` from here,
8. Copy and extract `` to rpi /home/pi/ and Run `./` to start the camera streaming.
9. use `ifconfig` to check the ip address of RPi.
10. Extract Android or iOS code and replace the `RPi ip address` with your RPi's IP address.
11. Run the code on device.

Shopping List

Amount Part Name
1 TTL Serial JPEG Camera
1 Basic Servo
2 Stepper Motor – Bipolar 
2 EasyDriver_v44
5 220Ω Resistor
1 Raspberry Pi 3
1 Battery 9V