Seasoned mobile app developer

iOS software enthusiast who is passionate about code and likes challenges. Inquisitive, critical thinker with passion for developing mobile apps.

  • Over 6 years of experience in the area of mobile application development, most of which is in iOS development(Swift) and few in various languages like Dart(Flutter), Kotlin(Android), .
  • Experienced freelancer, build, designed more than 15 apps as developer and team leader.
  • Expertise in using Design Patterns and Object Oriented methodologies to design mobile applications.
  • Passionate to build iPhone iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV apps, will be happy to participate in ongoing projects as an architect, team lead or a developer.
  • Had experience to work on great projects with large user base.
  • Passionate to build app architectures and data layers with complex UI, animations and transitions.
  • Experience taking a project from scoping requirements through actual launch of application


LinkedIn iOS Messenger App

Worked on messenger and groups module of linked in iOS app, mostly worked on Adding new features with test cases. also done some critical issue fixes.


TIME-MANAGEMENT, Daily events dashboard to organise tasks and alarms. CURRICULUM, Curated 21st century pedagogy and curriculum for personalised interests.


PostMeistr is a social media productivity app for the iPhone. Through its intuitive set of features, it allows you to stay focused on your meetup or life event AND share what you will with your friends and followers quickly.


Nattr is a platform that conveniently crowdsources clever text responses. Ask your friends, the crowd, or our handpicked writers and comedians. Helped team to fix technical issues.


Genie uses artificial intelligence to help retail marketers accurately predict consumer purchase behaviour. Genie uses data such as transaction history, demographics, location, time, social media activity, preferences and behavior to predict a consumers’ next product purchase.

Budlabs – Advanced Nutrients

The premium features of BudLabs Pro go beyond a single crop. With Labs, you can juggle multiple crops, with notifications for each. Never forget your to-do list again and rest assured all your crops are getting what they need.

Corco (iPhone-ipad-tvos)

CORCO gives you instant access to a library of family-friendly entertainment, kids shows and biblical teaching, anywhere, anytime, created iPhone, iPad and tvOS application

Lenz photo app

LENZ is exciting App that gives users the chance to win prizes for their clicked photos.


Innit makes home–cooking more accessible by recommending delicious personalized meals for you and your family based on diet, allergies, and dislikes.

Paper Punch Party

Paper Punch Party boosts your child’s nonverbal skills, and prepares them for paper folding or hole punch questions for CogAT®, Helped team as code reviewer.

Hangify – Discover College Events & Parties

Hangify is the best place to see what’s going on around campus and promote your own events. You can find everything from free food to parties, concerts, performances, sporting events, and more. Helped team by adding new features in application.


Helped team to implement new features and fix technical issues in application.

What People Say

Jatin and I worked together for more than a year on the Innit app. Jatin is proactive, result oriented, responsible and excellent peer. He is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. He constantly broadens his background and adopts new technologies which, combined with his troubleshooting and analytic skills, makes him a great engineer. Working with Jatin is easy, he is supportive and a serious team player. He is a valuable asset to any company.

Hristo Enev
Head Of Mobile

If you’re stuck somewhere and need a solution on hindrances, Jatin is the go-to guy always. He might either know a solution or would definitely help you find one whatever the circumstances. Engineering is not about knowing stuff but about creating solution for the uncharted and Jatin is really good at this with his analytical and cognitive skills. It was a pleasure working and learning resolution approach for Industrial IoT from him. He would be an amazing asset for any team.

Shubham Pande
Oracle Cloud Certified | Specializes in IoT using AWS Greengrass | IoT Core | FreeRTOS | Multi-Cloud Trainer

Jatin Patel is one of the best iOS Developers I have worked with.Also the IoT qualities he possess make him stand out more in front of others.

Vikas Kumar Choure
Monty Mobile

Jatin was a great mobile engineer for us. Really smart, attention to detail, could solve hard problems.

Cache Merrill
Zinch Tech Cofounder. Degreed Technical Advisor. Zibtek Founder.

Jatin did good work for us at Innit as part of our extended/remotemobile development team. I would definitely work with him again.

Hristo Bojinov
Senior Staff Software Engineer

Jatin has expertise in iOS platform as he worked on multiple apps with a large user base, the way he get’s indulge with the problem and solve it is pretty amazing. Apart from iOS Jatin have a comprehensive understanding of (Electronics) Chips and he loves creating some cool stuff. I have seen Jatin managing a team and his people skills are amazing as he always thinks from both (employee and employer) perspective and try to balance the team.

SumiT Ghosh

Jatin is the best lead and mentor with whom I have worked. He is passionate about IoT and always doing creative things with technology which inspires me a lot.

Ajay Kunte
iOS Developer

Jatin’s a fast learner and likes to experiment with new ideas. It’salways a pleasure to work with someone who is a team player andis reliable in solving tasks especially during tight deadlines.

Shyam Sundar Gavarapet Ashok
Sr. Software Engineer at Apple

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Jatin. He is ridiculously innovative and a fast learner. You can ask him to build anything and he will do it efficiently. He is focused, reliable and goal-oriented. Always inspired the other teammates to do their best. I was lucky to have him on my team.

Renuka Pahade
Head Of Research And Development, FITTR

Jatin & I worked more than a year in Research n Development team..He is extra talented & creative person. His energy to make things happen was contagious and it helped us achieve great goals. His ability to deal with a crisis and come up with new ways to achieve results were always an inspiration. He is reliable, very helpful & goal-oriented, which inspired our R&D team to try our best always.

sapna sawant

I had pleasure of working with Jatin for 3 years. He is really goodin the iOS and IoT platforms and passionate about creativity withthe IoT things.

Roshan Rahate
Uniken Inc.

Let’s build something together.

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